Top 10 marketing ideas to keep your business alive

Keeping your business afloat during these uncertain times may be difficult but with these tips from the Idaho review may just be able to keep business at bay. There are many ways for your businesses to thrive with marketing ideas that are creative and may change the way your business functions in the future. To learn more click here.

Where to Find Scholarships for Black Students

Finding scholarships is hard for any student especially for those in the black community. Black students and their families are among the groups that tend to borrow more student loans and are more affected by debt. Many awards target specific students, such as scholarships which aim to support African American students and other underrepresented groups.  In this article by USNews, reporter Emma Kerr, offers help on how to search for these scholarships. Learn more here.

Top 10 Certifications You Can Get In 2020

Looking to enhance your skillset and gain certifications to add to your resume? This article by GreyCampus highlights the top 10 certifications for career-oriented people to obtain this year. Upskill yourself with the best certification to stay relevant and achieve opportunities. Learn more here.

E-books to successfully win scholarships

Scholarships provide students the opportunity to earn an education. Without outside assistance some students may have trouble paying for the degree they need in order to enter the workforce and become a contributing member of society. Students may need help applying for these outside scholarships that require written essays, recommendation letters, and interviews. These e-books listed below will give students the tips and insight on how to successfully win scholarships. To learn more click the links below:

12 Steps to Becoming A Highly Successful Scholarship Winner: Strategies from a $400,000 Scholarship Winner

Scholarship Strategies: Finding and Winning the Money You Need

Winning Scholarships for College: An Insider’s Guide to Paying for College

8 Steps to Paying Less for College: A Crash Course in Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid (College Admissions Guides)

The Scholarship System: 6 Simple Steps on How to Win College Scholarships and Secure Financial Aid

Shifting Philanthropy From Charity to Justice

In this article, “Shifting Philanthropy From Charity to Justice” Dorian O. Burton & Brian C.B. Barnes pose the question of how can we shift from a framework that grounds giving in “charity” to one that grounds giving in “justice.” This article states, “A framework rooted in charity alone ignores past realities that forced communities into oppressive situations, and risks reinforcing givers’ lack of understanding with rewards that recognize their benevolence.” The authors pose seven questions that every philanthropist should consider in their analysis. Learn more here

SIM Companies Monthly Book Club

SIM Companies is introducing a Monthly Book Club with eBooks including some just under $10. This book club allows individuals the opportunity to step up and gain new skills that align with the specific demands of their goal improvement needs. These books provide individuals with our marketing access to affordable books centered around the pillars of SIM Companies: Education, Business, Workforce Development, and Philanthropy. Click here to join our book club today!

Every Kid Needs a Champion

In education building relationships with your students and showing how much they matter is vital. In her TED Talk, Rita F. Pierson calls on teachers to build relationships with their students, no matter how challenging that may be. This video is an announcement to educators to believe in their students and have valuable and important human relationships with them.

Giving Back to the Community Is Good for Business

Investing in your community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support your business. There are many ways for your business to support the community. Examining this article by, The Balance Small Business has provided the benefits of giving for your business and the ways your business can give back. Learn more here

5 Ways Giving is Good For You

As we enter the month of May, we are entering a month of not only growth and personal development but also giving. Giving to those in need is important, whether it be a monetary donation or donating something almost equally as valuable, your time. Taking a look at the article by, University of California, Berkeley has given us five ways of how giving is beneficial. (Learn more)