Where to Find Scholarships for Black Students

Finding scholarships is hard for any student especially for those in the black community. Black students and their families are among the groups that tend to borrow more student loans and are more affected by debt. Many awards target specific students, such as scholarships which aim to support African American students and other underrepresented groups.  In this article by USNews, reporter Emma Kerr, offers help on how to search for these scholarships. Learn more here.

E-books to successfully win scholarships

Scholarships provide students the opportunity to earn an education. Without outside assistance some students may have trouble paying for the degree they need in order to enter the workforce and become a contributing member of society. Students may need help applying for these outside scholarships that require written essays, recommendation letters, and interviews. These e-books listed below will give students the tips and insight on how to successfully win scholarships. To learn more click the links below:

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